Villager Voices: Healing from Houselessness

Les’ Story

In the mosaic of stories that form WeShine’s Parkrose Community Village, each piece is as unique as it is inspirational. We’re thrilled to share with you the transformative journey of Les, who is an inspiration of hope to the WeShine community.


After experiencing an ugly end to a years-long relationship, Les found themselves with nowhere to go except their truck. Even more devastating was the loss of their two cats. For nearly nine months, the world Les knew was living in their truck. They had trouble keeping themselves organized and on track of time. Their health suffered when they missed appointments or failed to get medication refills before they ran out. The one positive note was when friendly staff at a local hostel let them hang out there during the day. 

When they finally arrived at our village, the weight of those challenging months took its toll. The first few weeks saw Les cocooned inside the r sleeping pod, recuperating physically and from the emotional strain of their past. 


But with each new day, a more vibrant and determined Les emerged. Their days of hanging out at the hostel evolved into a part-time job offer. Their renewed commitment to personal growth saw them proactively addressing their mental health needs, stabilizing medication routines, and even adding more hours to their part-time employment.


Their journey towards independence did not stop there. With a resolute spirit, Les embarked on a journey to find a place they could call home. Les took financial and housing readiness classes and enrolled in a program that would match their savings so they could afford the deposits. Les was laying down the stepping stones to a brighter future.

You can imagine our collective joy when we learned of a housing opportunity in a location Les had always dreamed of. It was affordable, new, and just waiting for a tenant like Les. But doubts loomed – could they manage living solo, both emotionally and financially? It was during this time of uncertainty that WeShine staff, equipped with compassion and expertise, worked alongside Les to chart a feasible budget, ultimately igniting a newfound confidence within them.


Today, Les is nestled in their new apartment. A space of their own, soon to be filled with the pitter-patter of a furry little companion. From the confined space of a truck to an apartment they can proudly call home – that’s the magic of community, support, and self-belief.


Stories like Les’ underscore the impact of our work and the transformation made possible by a community of supporters like you. As we continue our mission, I invite you to renew your commitment to WeShine. Your contribution can pave the way for countless others like Les to rediscover hope, dignity, and the joy of a place called home. Together, we can turn dreams into reality.