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Overview of WeShine’s Parkrose Community Village 6/30/2022

Overview of WeShine’s Parkrose Community Village 6/30/2022 Parkrose Community Village (PCV) is WeShine’s first micro-village. Micro villages are “transitional shelters”, designed to provide safety, privacy, hygiene, and community to people seeking permanent housing. PCV will include paid staff, lockable sleeping pods, laundry, showers, toilets, fencing, and a community building. Volunteers

WeShine Prototype Pod and Village

These are the current (as of November 2021) WeShine prototype pod and village designs – designed by retired architect Francis McBride. These designs are evolving as we grow – and will be customized for each microvillage. They are designed to meet a number of criteria: WeShine Pods welcoming: comfortable, insulated

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County Alternative Shelters Coming to SE 82nd Ave

https://montavilla.net/2022/12/31/county-alternative-shelters-coming-to-se-82nd-ave/ COMMUNITY, NEW RESIDENCE, PROPERTY SALEDecember 31, 2022 County Alternative Shelters Coming to SE 82nd Ave In the second half of 2022, Multnomah County purchased two automotive sales lots in Montavilla along SE 82nd Avenue. At least one location will become an outdoor alternative shelter serving houseless Portlanders next year. The Joint Office of

Parking Lot Village Design

Early on WeShine worked with Sermin Yesilads of SOSYAL Architects and Cascadia Clusters to develop some parking lot village models. This is one example.

POD Initiative concept design

Rendering of a village design concept by Sermin Yosilada and Rev Dr Hoolala for the POD Initiative: Micro-Dwelling & Village-Making with Portland’s Houseless Community