The goal of WeShine is to develop and operate welcoming, safe, and empowering transitional micro-villages in Portland neighborhoods for some of the most vulnerable individuals among our houseless population.

We seek to establish partnerships with property owners and neighborhoods, faith-based communities, local non-profits and businesses to create supportive temporary micro-villages that can be replicated throughout the metro area.

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Help Us Reduce Homelessness

There are a number of ways to help WeShine with our mission to create micro-villages to alleviate homelessness. Click on any of the links below to help. Thank you!!! Together we will make a difference.

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It takes a village; that’s why we’re building one!

It takes a village; that’s why we’re building one! We’re raising money to benefit the non-profit WeShine (Welcoming, Empowering, Safe Habitation Initiative with Neighborhood Engagement). Our first village will be built and operated in partnership with the Parkrose Community United Church of

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Profiles of people in the WeShine community

Meet Jenn Coon, Peer Support Specialist, Blanchet House, WeShine board member