WeShine Initiative : Welcoming, Empowering, Safe Habitation Initiative with Neighborhood Engagement

WeShine Initiative is a nonprofit corporation founded by a grass-roots group of committed volunteers from three Portland neighborhoods.  WeShine will develop and operate replicable micro-villages and other models of temporary housing with wrap-around services in residential neighborhoods. We will site  and manage these communities with the support of neighborhood-based faith groups and volunteers, schools, social and health service providers, property owners,  businesses, and our temporary guests in each village.   

WeShine has identified a number of potential sites within or adjacent to our  participating neighborhoods.  We are seeking parcels with at least 5,000 SF of  parking lot or unimproved space, easy access to public transit, and access to a commercial area with a variety of stores, services, and food sources.  Sites such as public parks, school grounds, playgrounds, or community centers will not be considered.  Sites that are zoned for commercial mixed use, residential multi-family, or employment are preferred.