Valerie Ilsley

Retired real estate banker, member of Social Venture Partners and 99 Girlfriends, with an interest in providing administrative support to WeShine, particularly in the area of construction management.

Bruce Murray

Retired real estate banker and business consultant, member of Social Venture Partners, instrumental in the development of CASHOregon, a free tax-preparation program for low-income Oregonians. Bruce has a interest in providing administrative support to WeShine in the area of contract management.

Heidi Henrinckx

Director of the Oregon Center of Excellence for Assertive Community Treatment (OCEACT) and Director of Research and Evaluation, Options for Southern Oregon

Cindy Cumfer

Retired attorney, Cindy literally co-wrote the book on forming and operating nonprofit organizations in Oregon, “The Oregon Nonprofit Corporation”. She is also a board member of the First Unitarian Church of Portland.

Raven Drake

Raven moved to Portland in December of 2019 and went to work with Street Roots as a vendor.  In March 2020,she developed and ran their coronavirus action team. After writing the C3PO camp proposal with Kaia Sands, she became the camp’s medical program coordinator in its first few months of operation. She returned to Street […]

Martha Peck Andrews

Martha is a long time resident and business owner in inner eastside Portland. She is a retired architect and is the co-owner of Ardea Corner, a small commercial development in Kerns.

Dave Brook

Dave Brook is a retired transportation consultant, responsible for bringing carsharing to the US from Europe in 1998. Since moving to NE Portland in the 1990s he has been active in the affordable housing, low income energy and neighborhood associations. He is a long time Board member and is Chair of the Sullivan’s Gulch Neighborhood […]