Information Management Committee Questionnaire

WeShine Mission:

The goal of WeShine is to develop and operate welcoming, safe, and empowering transitional micro-villages in Portland neighborhoods for some of the most vulnerable individuals among our houseless population.

Information Management Committee Charter:

The Board of WeShine affirms the critical role that organized information has in achieving the WeShine mission and goal of building a network of micro-villages to provide supported transitional shelter in residential neighborhoods throughout Portland. The WeShine Information Management Committee (IMC) is hereby established as a standing Committee recognized and charged by the Board of WeShine with the following responsibilities:

  1. Assess the information management needs of WeShine with an emphasis on user-centered designs and with an equity lens per the values of WeShine.
  2. Find the best software and digital tools that meet WeShine’s requirements, and make a recommendation to the board.
  3. Acquire and set up WeShine’s information systems.
  4. Maintain the systems to keep them secure and up-to-date.
  5. Provide training to WeShine board, staff, volunteers and village guests on how to use the systems.
  6. Provide appropriate access to WeShine information, based on an information security and confidentiality plan.
  7. Maintain documentation about WeShine’s systems and processes, and store it in WeShine’s shared information system.
  8. Meet regularly to assess the systems and make adjustments as needed.
  9. Update the WeShine Board annually or as needed.