Neighborhood Engagement and Outreach Committee


Chris Tanner



The Board of WeShine affirms the critical role of neighborhoods and volunteers in the WeShine mission and goal to build and operate a network of micro-villages to provide supported transitional housing in residential neighborhoods throughout Portland,  WeShine Neighborhood Engagement & Outreach (NEO) is hereby established as a standing Committee recognized and charged by the Board of WeShine with the following responsibilities:
  1. Develop a plan to inform neighborhoods about WeShine and engage in planning for village development.
  2. Develop and oversee implementation of a program to engage, train, support, and supervise volunteers in WeShine-related activities including but not limited to:
    • Outreach to encampments to provide basic necessities as well as linkages to social and health-related services as feasible
    • Assist in coordinated building efforts to construct pods, showers, and community buildings for micro-villages
    • Assist in bringing art, gardening, neighborhood improvement, and other community-building and engagement opportunities to village guests.
    • Provide practical support to village guests in such services as acquiring legal identification and social security documents preparing meals, job training, and linking to navigator for employment opportunities, health and behavioral health care, and/or drug and alcohol treatment and other supports for a successful transition to permanent housing. 
  1. Help WeShine board and staff make connections to other community groups, non-profits, faith communities, and business associations.
  2. Identify and pursue funding resources to help underwrite the costs associated with recruiting, coordinating, and supporting volunteers.
  3. Serve as the archivist for documents and materials associated with WeShine’s neighborhood engagement and outreach efforts.