Infrastructure and Siting Committee


DJ Heffernan



The Board of WeShine has formed the Siting and Infrastructure standing committee to support the WeShine mission and goal of building a network of micro-villages to provide supported transitional housing in residential neighborhoods throughout Portland, The WeShine Siting and Infrastructure Committee (SIC) is charged by the Board of WeShine with the following responsibilities:
  • Contact and document the outcome of inquiries and meetings with various property owners to discuss the possibility of securing leased or donated outdoor space and, if feasible, other facilities for the siting, construction, placement, and operation of micro-villages.
  • Support as needed liaison work with local government (city, county, metro, state) departments and bureaus, as well as public utilities such as Portland’s Development Services, Environmental Services, Water, and Fire Bureaus, and public electric and gas utilities.
  • Plan and coordinate with WeShine volunteers and other community-based organizations to construct houses, showers, pathways, community buildings, and other facilities and/or amenities for micro-villages;
  • Identify the costs associated with site development for materials and supplies, assembling or disassembling and hauling, and constructing micro-village structures and utility connections, and assist in the pursuit of funding contributions to help underwrite village development costs.
  • Document committee activities on a shared google drive and/or Teamworks platform accessible to the Board. At the Board’s request, present information documenting the SIC’s activities, findings, and expenditures.